Rampant Caries?

Rampan Caries in three years old child

Rampant Caries (Java: Gigis) is described as decay that spreads quickly, destroying the crowns of many or all of the erupted teeth. In practice, this can be taken to mean that at least two of the upper incisor teeth have developed decay. It also affects surfaces that are normally less likely to decay and can lead to early pulp damage. Usually, there is an absence of decay of the lower incisors. Teeth may appear brown or black and are often said by parents to have come through decayed. Other terms commonly used to describe this include; Nursing Bottle Caries, Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD), Baby Bottle Caries, and Nursing Bottle Syndrome.
Kak Dhila, my third child get this problem. Yeah, two of my five kids get this problem. Mas Nur, my first kid and Kak Dhila. Both of them consume milk from bottle when they were a baby. Mas Nur should use bottle because I get my second pregnancy, Kak Ida, when he was about two months old (o, even I still gave him breastmilk until Kak Ida was born, I gave him milk by bottle). And, Kak Dhila should use bottle because I often left her with baby sitter.

Kak Ifa and her teeth

Kak Ida and Kak Ifa aren't get this problem, and wish Na also never get this problem. They never used bottle and I just give them breastmilk (ASI), but Na ever used bottle until about three months old, because I had to give breastmilk for two babies (when Na was born, I still gave Kak Ifa Breastmilk). Therefore, the consumption of breastmilk for Na was lack of milk at that time. By growing up, Kak Ifa finally did not asked breastmilk anymore and Na can enjoy her breastmilk well until now.

For further about rampant caries, can be seen HERE.


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