Betel piper (betel vine)

Recently my youngest kid get itchy in her skin. Firstly, I guess that it is just prickly heat, so I just give her a skin powder with triple care for a baby. But, her itchy is still can not recover and there is an infection. Luckily, my mother call me and told me that she will go to Surabaya. I remember, when I was in my village, that there are betel piper or 'sirih' in which is able to be used to an antibiotic. So I ask my mother to bring them to Surabaya. Then, I used them to bathing my youngest kid, Na. Before that, I boiled them and I get the water of them and used to bathing Na. Firstly, Na get crying, because there some of betel leaf who get in the bath. But, finally she can enjoy it. Hope her itchy will get recovered as soon as possible.

Betel vine (Piper betle) is a tropical Asian plant belonging to the family Piperaceae. It is a vine that has long held a place in Asian history, religion and culture. Its medicinal uses are many and all parts of the plants are utilized.
The betel leaf is used in a number of traditional remedies for the treatment of stomach ailments, infections, and as a general tonic. It is often chewed in combination with the betel nut (Areca catechu), as a stimulatory. Some evidence suggests that betel leaves have immune boosting properties as well as anti-cancer properties.

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