Temper Tantrum, What Is It?

Temper tantrum is the very emotionally behaviour of children in age range 2 - 4 years old that is shown by screaming, kicking, crying, thrown down anything forcefully, either in the public place or at home. It can be happen because the children still have not been able to control their emotion. Usually, the causer of this temper tantrum is that the children seek an attention, tired, hungry, or frustation, that is when they want something but they can not get it.
This temper tantrum can raise in the children is also encouraged by the family environment or the other environment, such as, they commonly see that their father will get something by angry to their mother at first, or may be they usually get bad treatment from their friends, brother or sister such as saying in harsh manner in order that they obey them. So, what we have to do when we experience like that.
The wise step is we must try to understand the need and want of children or fulfill their need and want, and give them love honestly and straightforwardly. Beside that, we must minimize this behaviour by using some wise story. Because, exactly, the children will learn about anything from the environment, especially, from their family.
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