Living in Traditional Market

In Surabaya, there are some people who live in the market. Because, it is not only for transaction activity, but also for living, this market is called as PASARTEMEN (Really market).So, here, market is not only functioned as buyer and seller can meet and doing transaction. But, Traditional market can be a place to live. Exactly, this room cannot be called as 'house'. the wide is just 5 metres at square, and the material for building is just from wood planks that very thin. Beside that, tehre is no sanitation tool, so people who live there must go to the public toilet, to take abath, wash dresses, and bowel movement. Even, in this room, there is not a kitchen, so people must cook outside.
This kind of hosuing of course will influence the increasing of children life (socially, mentallly, psychological lfe, and fisiological), because they must faced the very hard life.


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