Everybody Has Differences To Others, Eventhough TWINS

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Despite obvious similarities, their differences can be astounding: One twin is right-handed, and the other is a lefty. One is outgoing, and the other is reserved. Some of the differences are apparent early in age, whereas others develop over time as genes and the environment interact.

Arnold Gesell, Ph.D., M.D., was a pioneering researcher who studied twins to understand this phenomenon. Gesell, a child psychologist who established the Yale Clinic of Child Development, showed that behavior develops in a genetically predetermined way. In one 1929 study, he compared a pair of twin infants in the task of stair climbing. One twin was trained, while the other wasn't. In a short time, the untrained twin learned the skill on his own, and weeks later both twins exhibited the same proficiency. There is, he showed, an inherent progression in the development of physical skills, which emerges even without training. Gesell also contributed to psychology through his methods of "cinemanalysis." In his studies, children were filmed through a one-way screen, enabling him to later analyze emerging behavior patterns in slow motion. The endless footage helped establish the Yale Films of Child Development. His work gained mass appeal and helped pave the way for modern-day child psychology. In 1940, Time magazine named Gesell the world's best-known expert on child behavior. (Source)

Parent of twins, usually always equalize anything for twins, either names, clothes, toys, foods, accessories, and even the same school. According to the, this treat is the best for the twins because it will avoid the jealousy each others. Yet, the impact is that, the twins will always attempt to equalize themselves and depend each others.

That's why, many twins commonly associates herself to her twin, as if they are one person. Such as, they will do their activities together and always try to make other pleasant. So, if the one does not like to do something, and the other will not do it. They will never do activities separately and when they are separated, usually, they will get sick.

Actually, let twins equalize each other is not something good merely. This will cause twins can not autonomously live in the future. So, it need the special method to support them growing as the separate individual and finally they will be able to be autonomous. Yet, it must be feel so hard to minimize the closeness of their feeling. Yet, at least, they are supported and encouraged to grow autonomously and to be themselves.

Follow are the tips that can be used by the parent in supporting and encouraging twins in order that they can grow as a personal that not depend each other:

  1. Give the special time with one of the twin.
  2. Minimize (or avoid) to call twins as "TWIN" or other calls that can make them feel as the unity. Just call them by name herself.
  3. Give the punishment or reward for them separately.
  4. Support them to find their each interest and favorite activities, in which, these would be different each others.
  5. Support them to make a friends rather than her twins only.
  6. Never equalize the standard expectation for them if the capability and the ability or skill of them are different.
  7. MShow them the they have their each unique characteristics that different each others.
  8. Teach them to compete fairly (Such as give the gift only for the suitable only, to the best one: --maybe this will hurt the other but, they must learn about the fair competition).
  9. Make the sweet mewories of them individually.
  10. Identity the herewith property and individual property.
Of course, tips above are not the strict tips, but they can be done in flexible

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