Children With Polio? Encourage Them

What will we do when we see the children who get a polio? Of course we will feel how pity they are. But, we need to support them to encourage them, because children who are in disease need more attention than commonly. Beside that, the mind of children are different to adult, because they haven't had some experience that will guide them to face the desease that suffer them. So, parents as the close person to children must be wise in caring them, and of course, parents must have some knowledges about anything related to this desease in order hat they can do the best for their children. It because the polio is not only faced by people in this recent times, yet, it has been ever faced by people for several times ago. Even, it has been the big plague in the world.

Actually, there are some things that can be done by parent in encouraging the children with polio:

  • The parent must aware that all children like to be roled as hero. So, parents must always try to give some explanation and story about how wonderful this word and human that can do something best for others. The parent can tell the children about their other capabilities and that they can do that better than the other children.
  • The parent must always try to discover or explore the potential of the children and then it can be developed and finally will make the children aware that, actuallly, they still can do something useful, not only for themselves, but also for other.
  • The parent must never make them afraid to face this life.
  • The parent must be careful to communicate with other people when in the near of the children. It is recommended strongly not to say in whisper in front of the children.
For further about polio, it can be seen in:

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