There are some advantages of long distance education or online education:
  • Courses online are less destructive on family, as you complete your course work around your family events.
  • You're in charge of the course as well as homework completion, when you meet the course demands.
  • You may never be absent or tardy, as you complete the work at your own convenience.
  • Online degrees obtained from a trustworthy institution equal attending customary courses at the same college or university.
  • Progress in technology based virtual and interactive worlds make it easier to finish course demands in science and engineering programs.
  • You can go to college in your pajamas and complete your course work anywhere you want.
  • Prior school work is credit usually receives far more favorable approval from college programs online.
Yet, not all people can find those advantages, there are many who don't agree with long distance education, and the reasons are:
  • Studying alone provides its drawbacks, as the classmates and professor are not immediately accessible to put questions and share thoughts.
  • It is more problematic to learn via group work as well as collaborative projects, due to time and distance.
  • Not every degree program is available on the Internet, although extra degree programs become available daily.
  • When a question comes up to your mind in the heat of the night and there is nobody available to answer, you should e-mail your  professor and then wait for his/her response.
  • You should have perfect computer skills to have access to discussion boards, interactive websites, virtual worlds, and capability to search the Web for accessible resources.
 Text source: Readbud

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